Acerca de Fonax

Who is Fonax?

Fonax is a VoIP Service provider founded in 2003. With over 20 years of experience in the market, offering proven solutions to improve communications for companies of any size and insutry, reducing  costs, centralizing the flow of information, providing total control and optimization of your communications.

We are a company of technological innovation that combines the best of the conventional phone network (PSTN) and phones over internet (VOIP) we unite these in an IPPBX.  This (IP-PBX) is the one in charge of combining the best of both worlds in one platform. By doing this we are capable of offering our clients a integrated solution with devices of the latest technology that offer mobility features and a computed integration and the phones that together with a great experience of the users, and excellent customer services will help you save money and make your business more productive.


Key Differentiators

Intuitive graphic interface

simplifies the integration of telecommunications solutions reducing functioning costs, control and flexible reports.


adapted to the needs of the Soho Latinamerican market and medium companies.

Cost Savings

we understand the availability of internet traffic, this is why, we optimize our devices with the latest technology allowing effectiveness and quality where others cannot offer service.


clients worldwide enjoy of the benefits and savings of the fonax solutions, including companies in the range FORTUNE 500.

Multi Company

one device, multiple companies with no initial cost project guarantees a better investment return.

Norms of the base

interoperation with sip devices, major scale protocol worldwide.

Ease of use

the product is easy to use and understand and allows an easy adaptation of the environment.


a low cost solution in comparison to others in the market and with more functions

Security devices

Allows the integration of security devices, access and communications

Our Benefits

Benefits for business allies

High margins
Complements existing products offers
Chance for cross sales
Easy to install and maintain
Amplifies the array of sales boosting: power solutions, accessories, networking, services, phones and more.
Strong backup and B2B support, training and certifications.
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