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Offers you a robust Unified Communications solution for your company

Our solutions offer all the power and flexibility of our International award winning advanced systems in unified communications, regardless of the size or physical location of your company.

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Fonax Cloud Services is the best solution in the market for our type of corporation. We have offices in the US and staff working locally and remotely. With Fonax Cloud we have been able to quickly implement a very well established company that provides great services in Florida and we recommend Fonax Cloud to companies of all sizes, since we have been growing every year and Fonax has been growing with Us as needed. 

Mr. Claims
Mr. Claims, Miami, Orlando and Tampa Florida

Our company uses Fonax’s Cloud Telephony solution since the beginning and he have grown over the years aking with them. They offer an excellent way to keep control of our communications and also saving Us a lot of money in the process. Some of the most important modules for Us is the call recording module, which keeps record of everything we talk to our customers in a secure cloud environment. 

Dany Car Auto Sales
Dany Car Auto Sales

We have been Fonax customers for over 7 years now and are more than happy with their great solutions in general. We have staff on-prem and with remote work  and we all work as a very good team, thanks to Fonax’s Cloud Telephony solution and their Contact Center – Call Queue module. I’m able to pull recordings for quality assurance and upload pre-recorded messages to educate our patients as they wait. The support and customer service is second to none, we will recommend them forever! 

My OB/GYN Specialists
My OB/GYN Specialists, Miami Florida

Fonax has allowed Us to make some drastical improvements in our communications also including some important savings for our budget, including the possibility for remote work and state-of-the-art technology. 

Montblanc International
Montblanc International

With Fonax’s advanced capabilities we have been able to improve our service to our patients. Our after hours on-call doctors can now receive their messages from our patients via text message (SMS) and using the corporate number instead of their private number, great service! 

Lievano & Perez OB-GYN
Lievano & Perez OB-GYN

Fonax offered the best solution for our Hotel of over 50 rooms, leveraging on the existing wiring to deploy a Cloud IP Based hotel solution that is super affordable and reliable. Now our guests have great service and it did not affect our Budget at all! 

Harrison Hotel
Harrison Hotel, Miami Beach Florida.

Our company has offices in the West Coast USA and Europe. With Fonax’s great Contact Center solution we have been able to seamlessly operate in the US, Europe and Latin America, greatly improving our response times and options for our customers 

Easy Group
Easy Group, California

Our Communications Platform

With Fonax Cloud Services, your Business will always be available to you and your customers, with the support of a cloud-based system with 99.99% availability
Advanced award winning graphic interface.

friendly interface with a clean and simple design

More than a cloud center

is a true Unified Communications system in the cloud.

Money Saving

Significant savings in maintenance, hardware and IT staff.

Always Udated

Always get the latest versions without paying forannual licenses

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time reports of all the functions of your system

Quick implementation

you can be up and running in one day

Learn more about our features on the FONAX CLOUD SERVICES detail page
Enterprenour This package provides the essential foundation to enhance your business communication without compromising your
Experience the power and flexibility of our award-winning unified communications solution with Fonax Cloud Services' Basic Package.

Ideal for companies of any size, this package offers:

  • Access to the Fonax Cloud platform.
  • Advanced graphic interface/web portal for full control of your communications.
  • Real unified communication with voice calls, chat, and text messages, all on a single platform.
  • Reliable support backed by 20 years of industry experience. Cloud system availability with a 99.99% reliability.
  • Quick system startup in just one day.
  • Integration with third-party solutions such as CRMs and ERPs. Access to advanced features like call recording and interactive voice menu (IVR).
  • Detailed call reports and real-time statistics.
Professional With the Professional Package, you'll enjoy a comprehensive set of tools to optimize communication in your company and improve operational efficiency.
Elevate your business communication experience with Fonax Cloud Services' Professional Package.

In addition to all the features of the Basic Package, you'll get:

  • Advanced call management with ring groups and follow-me to multiple destinations.
  • Detailed call reports with filters and real-time statistics.
  • Download reports to spreadsheets for in-depth analysis.
  • Local download of call recordings.
  • Multi-company capabilities for more efficient control.
Business With the Enterprise Package, your company will reach new levels of efficiency, control, and peace of mind in communications.
Experience the pinnacle of business communication with Fonax Cloud Services' Enterprise Package.

It includes all the features of the previous packages and adds:

  • Exclusive access to advanced features such as call recording and interactive voice menu (IVR).
  • Full control over multiple behaviors of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Seamless integration with third-party solutions for cutting-edge technology.
  • Global access for staff, with internet connection from physical devices, softphones, and mobile apps.
  • Easy unification of multiple branches for uncomplicated connectivity.
  • Additional advanced features, including multiple IVR levels,detailed call tracking, and customizable outgoing call permissions.
  • Detailed call reports and real-time statistics.
Made Easy

Unification of multiple branches

Now it is easier than ever to have inter-branch connectivity without having complex or expensive dedicated links, and the best thing is that your clients can contact you in one place without complications for them, optimizing your operation and your image before the public

  • Call recording
  • Voice Menu (ivr) interactive multi-levels
  • Detailed call record with filters and real-time reports
  • Follow me with multiple destinations
  • Detailed call report with filters applicable in real time
  • Download the reports to spreadsheets
  • Download recordings locally
  • Multi-company
  • Multiple incoming behaviors, by time of day and day of the week
  • Multiple outgoing call permissions, per profile, per hour of the day or day of the week

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Using Fonax Cloud Services technology, your company can take advantage of the best of both worlds, having lines/physical
trunks and their phones in the

The staff of your company can
be anywhere in the world, all they need is a connection to the internet either with physical devices, softphones for PC /
Mac / Linux or APPs for their mobile devices.

By using gateways that allow you to take advantage of your current telephone lines in your area.

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